top view of medieval city

While Endor is entirely free to play, there are numerous operational expenses that are not covered by this model. Currently, the game is funded through the private resources of our GM team. That’s why we’ve created an opportunity for players like you to contribute to the costs of its operation. Your support ensures the continued availability and improvement of the game for everyone. Thank you.

This is an example of the highest tier rewards we offer you as thanks for helping us.

  • 750 Shimmering Coins per month (for the purchase of decorative items.).
  • Access to latest news with priority and behind-the-scenes information.
  • Access to patreon-only discord channel.
  • Priority access to future beta testing of new content.
  • Ingame access to the VIP patron tavern.
  • The possibility of uploading your own videos to the official youtube channel (guild propagation, fun clips, tutorials etc.).
  • Ingame title (Patron) usable on one character.
  • Access to patron-only polls on various ingame content.
  • Possibility of limited map editing (with GM oversight) – this will be explained later to interested patrons.

If you decide to contribute, don’t forget to connect your gaming account to Patreon, it’s the only way to earn all the rewards. You can read more instructions on our wiki.