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Category: Patch notes

Update 4/6/2024
Footnote: As part of preparations for Shadow Realm and Forgotten Realms, we have adjusted the behavior of ~180 events related to transitioning between realms. In before these adjustments, test runs encountered events straight out of Harry Potter: doors moving to different locations, monsters disappearing before our eyes, and occasionally a player ending up in Hogwarts, […]

Update 18/4/2024
Corrected false statements about unpaid rent. Morph duration is in the buff bar now. You can no longer fish out SOS bottles in the guard zone (bug fix).

Update 7/4/2024
Paladin's aura Repentance no longer works with ranged and throwing weapons. Mass Curse now requires a clear line of sight to target. Modified visual effect on .frenzy. In arenas, it will no longer be possible to exchange and loot bandages.…

Update 19/3/2024
heretic's Balor summon now casts his spell consistently while attacking his target added new magic power tier "mythical", which is one tier below already existing "monumental". this is a purely cosmetic change for easier item management (re-identify your high end…

Update 10/3/2024
Mechanic changes Balance changes Arena changes Bugfixes

Update 22/2/2024
changes in shabby items drops fixed all ships. They will now teleport owner to a ship after 5 seconds if he is in range and didn't get damage valor shop with couple of starting items gladiator kilt will now color…

Update 17/2/2024
New client version – v1.29.0

Update 13/2/2024
changed poison field affecting innocent targets magic projectiles ignores positive ar mods changed holy fire damage 3dmg / 1s new purgatory ability arenas: added morid Xbox to rangers Gods blessing: Changed according to feedback. Each tier is unlocked based on…

Update 7/2/2024
New Shop UI for Patreon Items New colors for Patreon Shop Fixed issue with BR and Race Event after server start - they were always active Fixed issue with Progress bar on Gods Blessing - after leveling up, the progress…

Update 2/2/2024
Gods Blessing reward system Removed housing Demolish option for players Veterans TW goes into testing phase Abhorsen runes won't affect silver weapons anymore Paladin Holy Aura: Timer increased from 1s to 3s Paladin Holy Aura: Ignore mounts Paladin Holy Aura:…