top view of medieval city
Update 4/6/2024
Footnote: As part of preparations for Shadow Realm and Forgotten Realms, we have adjusted the behavior of ~180 events related to transitioning between realms. In before these adjustments, test runs encountered events straight out of Harry Potter: doors moving to different locations, monsters disappearing before our eyes, and occasionally a player ending up in Hogwarts, […]

Team Changes
Couple of team members changes: Goodbye to: We thank everyone for their willingness and help with various tasks. Namely to Marishka for her truly dedicated help and accessibility whenever needed and her special care for Patreons. Night for really high-quality scripting work and laying stable foundations for the new guild environment. New member: Zuke took […]

Competition for the best outfit
Dear Players and Adventurers, We have another event for you that you can’t miss – a competition for the best outfit! This epic event has no bounds. How you dress your character and how you color it is up to your imagination. Location: Discord → #OutfitStart: 14/05/2023End: 19/05/2023 (20:00) Rules:send @🆃🅾🆇🆃🆁 your outfit. Each player […]

New Team member @ZagZag (Scripter)
I’m happy to announce that We got a new team member. @ZagZag has joined our team as Scripter. He decided that his starting quests will be smaller tasks. We wish him happy coding. Welcome and Thank You!

Horse Tournament
The event will start on May 4th, 2024 at 7:00 PM   Send your applications to @🆃🅾🆇🆃🆁 (Template: Tournament: Cavalry character: Toxtr)   The maximum number of competitors is set to 32x   At the gate of the arena in Harbour City, T.o.x.t.r will be waiting to collect the registration fee of 10,000 gold pieces. […]

Update 18/4/2024
Corrected false statements about unpaid rent. Morph duration is in the buff bar now. You can no longer fish out SOS bottles in the guard zone (bug fix).

New team member @Toxtr (quest/event GM)
We are happy to announce that We got a new member of team who joined us to help organize ingame events. Our new quest GM is taking some time to look around and You can expect him very soon to organize some special events for You. Welcome TOXTR!

Pirate Ship
A pirate ship was spotted approaching the Nautos Island. Are you ready to protect its inhabitants? New minidungeon Pirate Ship was opened We recommend this battle to heroes level 20 and above

Crystalline Dungeon
Dungeon Crystalline passage (Arreat 1) was re-opened. Enemies at the entrance and mini-bosses inside are now stronger. We believe that the difficulty now better matches the rewards that can be obtained in this dungeon.

Update 7/4/2024
Paladin's aura Repentance no longer works with ranged and throwing weapons. Mass Curse now requires a clear line of sight to target. Modified visual effect on .frenzy. In arenas, it will no longer be possible to exchange and loot bandages.…