top view of medieval city
Update 13/2/2024
changed poison field affecting innocent targets magic projectiles ignores positive ar mods changed holy fire damage 3dmg / 1s new purgatory ability arenas: added morid Xbox to rangers Gods blessing: Changed according to feedback. Each tier is unlocked based on…

Update 7/2/2024
New Shop UI for Patreon Items New colors for Patreon Shop Fixed issue with BR and Race Event after server start - they were always active Fixed issue with Progress bar on Gods Blessing - after leveling up, the progress…

Update 2/2/2024
Gods Blessing reward system Removed housing Demolish option for players Veterans TW goes into testing phase Abhorsen runes won't affect silver weapons anymore Paladin Holy Aura: Timer increased from 1s to 3s Paladin Holy Aura: Ignore mounts Paladin Holy Aura:…

Update 1/2/2024
Divine shield ability - +5s cooldown Previous change of battlecasting is now affecting only classes with battlecasting (mage, necromancer won't be able to hit with staff after casting) Angelic presence - decreased shock resist from 50 to 20Resisting aura (IOS)- decreased shock resist…

Update 24/1/2024
Changes New mechanics

Update 14/1/2024
Game mechanics New Updated

Update 4/1/2023
Client ( Razor

Three months from launch
Dear friends, the first 3 months of the server’s operation are behind us, and a new year is ahead of us. During these three months, the server has survived truly incredible things, including several organized and large-scale DDOS attacks, enormous problems with the old POL, memory utilization, and a nerve-wracking transition to POL100, as well […]

Update 15/12/2023
Game mechanics News Fixes