top view of medieval city

Complex and intricate PvM (Player vs. Monster) gameplay that requires skill, determination, and the clever use of synergies between classes to achieve the best possible outcome. Form a team with your friends and challenge over 100 different dungeons found on Endor. Only the greatest adventurers will complete them all. Endor’s dungeons offer a level of enjoyment unparalleled in the MMORPG genre. There is also a new option to compete against yourself and other players in an automated dungeon speedrun competition.

Fast-paced and dangerous PvP (Player versus Player). Every player must protect themselves or die in this harsh world, as PvP is everywhere on Endor. Normal players can be protected by the safety of guarded cities, but the most skilled gladiators can become members of a Death cult and battle each other anywhere at any time. Some players can even become Player Killers – outlaws who are forbidden to enter towns and are banished to the wilderness, where they wait for their unsuspecting prey. There are also automatic PvP arenas and epic town wars, where guilds fight for control of major cities. Death comes easily on Endor, but beware: once you die, you can lose everything you have with you. Tread carefully.

A rich and varied world to explore. You can roam Endor for days and still find something to do. There are nearly 300 NPC camps around the world, hundreds of quests to find and complete, a plethora of mounts to tame, and even more places to visit.

Crafting. Endor offers a variety of crafting professions to hone your skills. Artisans are the backbone of the economy, and very respectable members of society that every adventurer needs.

Amazing itemisation. Endor has a wide variety of stats and skills to choose from, and you can itemise your character to play the way you want. There are hundreds of different magical, set, runic and unique items to collect, transforming your character from a beggar to a literal god.

Housing. Endor supports an elaborate housing system where you can choose from several different types of dwellings around the world. Pick your house and customise it to your liking.