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Team Changes
Couple of team members changes: Goodbye to: We thank ev […]

Competition for the best outfit
Dear Players and Adventurers, We have another event for […]

New Team member @ZagZag (Scripter)
I’m happy to announce that We got a new team memb […]

Horse Tournament
The event will start on May 4th, 2024 at 7:00 PM   […]

Update 18/4/2024
Corrected false statements about unpaid …

New team member @Toxtr (quest/event GM)
We are happy to announce that We got a new member of te […]

Pirate Ship
A pirate ship was spotted approaching th…

Crystalline Dungeon
Dungeon Crystalline passage (Arreat 1) w…

Update 7/4/2024
Paladin's aura Repentance no longer work…

Minor adjustments 19/3/2024
heretic's balor summon now casts his spe…