top view of medieval city
  • Paladin’s aura Repentance no longer works with ranged and throwing weapons.
  • Mass Curse now requires a clear line of sight to target.
  • Modified visual effect on .frenzy.
  • In arenas, it will no longer be possible to exchange and loot bandages.
  • Weaker priest auras will now last the same duration as hierophant’s.
  • The mana drain effect has been removed from the mage spell dragon skin.
  • Mages have access to a new ability, Mind over Matter, starting at level 18 (cooldown 60s at level 30): The mage can immediately convert 15% of their maximum mana into a shield that absorbs damage equal to the mana spent for 10 seconds. (command: .mindovermatter)
  • Slimes will no longer destroy bandoliers.
  • The number of required games in an arena within a tier has been reduced to 30 (for both 2v2 and 3v3).