top view of medieval city

Dear players,

We have launched a new website.

In the profile settings, you now have access to an overview of your gaming accounts. You have the option to change your gaming passwords. Additionally, a summary of PvP arena outcomes is now available again.

For the initial login to the web account, use your email and any gaming password associated with it. We strongly recommend changing the main account password (this is not the password for the game! Only for the website). The website will prompt you to change it after logging in. Please note that we do not know your passwords, and the website cannot read passwords that you have changed directly in the game. So, if you do not know your original passwords, please use the password recovery function (link on the login screen).

By setting a new main password, you will activate the option to log in to the new wiki and forum system using your username. Your username was chosen based on the first account you created on Endor Revived. However, in the profile settings, you have the option to change it.

Please report any errors and issues to bug reports immediately. Alternatively, contact us on Discord directly if you need to address a situation that cannot be disclosed publicly. Thank you.