top view of medieval city

Game mechanics


  • New ability: Precise strike (lvl 20, mercenary + berserk) – active (.precisestrike), ensures that the next swing will hit the target, lasts 10s
  • New ability: Aegis (lvl 18, mercenary + paladin) – active (.aegis), soak up all dmg from next hit (magical or physical), lasts 10s, requires a shield equipped
  • New ability: Bloodrage (lvl 15, berserk) – passive, deal 10% more damage while being on < 60% of your maxhp or 20% more while being on < 40% of your maxhp


  • Paladin spells mirror shield, cure disease and prayer of life now should be much easier to cast in armor
  • Priest’s Resisting aura (in ort sanct) now gives 25-30% magic resistance skill (scales with magery), same amount of shock resist, and a third of that amount to lightning resist
  • Abhorsen’s Clayre rune had its spell damage component removed
  • Abhorsen now has slightly lower attack speed