top view of medieval city

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Team Changes
Couple of team members changes: Goodbye to: We thank ev […]

Competition for the best outfit
Dear Players and Adventurers, We have another event for […]

New Team member @ZagZag (Scripter)
I’m happy to announce that We got a new team memb […]

Horse Tournament
The event will start on May 4th, 2024 at 7:00 PM   […]

New team member @Toxtr (quest/event GM)
We are happy to announce that We got a new member of te […]

Pirate Ship
A pirate ship was spotted approaching th…

Crystalline Dungeon
Dungeon Crystalline passage (Arreat 1) w…

Fortified Exchange Network
A new Game Changing system has arrived to the world of […]

尊敬的玩家, 我们启动了新的网站。 现在,在个人资料设置中可以查看您的游戏账户概况。您可以更改游戏密码。现在又 […]

Three months from launch
Dear friends, the first 3 months of the server’s […]