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Would You like to try latest changes? Do not wait anymore and join Your fellow testers. Help Endor to get quality updates out!

  1. Download letest client from

  2. Download new MUL files from

  3. Make a copy of Your current Client folder. If Your UO is installed in following folder:
    Copy C:/Games/Endor/Client folder into new folder C:/Games/Endor/Client-backup

  4. Install latest client from point 1. to C:/Games/Endor

  5. Override new installation with MUL files from point 2. in C:/Games/Endor/Client/Muls

  6. Rename both installation so previous installation is back at its previous place:
    C:/Games/Endor/Client to C:/Games/Endor/Client-PTR
    C:/Games/Endor/Client-backup to C:/Games/Endor/Client
    – Now You have two installations of Endor. One for live with data for live server and second with data for PTR.

  7. Change settings.json for PTR
    – Find file in C:/Games/Endor/Client-PTR/settings.json
    – Change settings to match the latest PTR required data: Don’t forget to change the path to Muls for your PTR client folder!
    "ip": "",
    "port": 5010,
    "ultimaonlinedirectory": "C:/Games/Endor/Client-PTR/Muls",
    "profilespath": "",
    "clientversion": "",
    "reconnect": false,
    "reconnect_time": 1,
    "shard_type": 0,
    "fixed_time_step": true,
    "use_verdata": false,
    "maps_layouts": "7168,4096;7168,4096;6144,4096",
    "encryption": 0,
    "plugins": [

  8. Make a shortcut or run the client directly from Your PTR folder:

  9. Login with your standard account.

Happy testing and don’t forget to let us know if something doesn’t work!