top view of medieval city

Dear friends,

the first 3 months of the server’s operation are behind us, and a new year is ahead of us. During these three months, the server has survived truly incredible things, including several organized and large-scale DDOS attacks, enormous problems with the old POL, memory utilization, and a nerve-wracking transition to POL100, as well as a few necessary system changes that may not have pleased all players. Despite the initial enthusiasm waning or a part of the community burning out, the online status still maintains a healthy 250 client count at its peak, which I personally consider optimal for Endor. Part of the decline in the online status is also due to the lower representation of logged-in crafters (currently about 70-80 characters, while there used to be up to 150 crafters at its peak), so the decline in real players will certainly be somewhat lower. We thank you all very much for supporting the server; we are glad that you enjoy the game. I will take this moment to mention a few things we are working on and some plans for the future.

One significant thing is the new website being developed by Reloecc . Players will feel the impact in many ways. Firstly, we will finally start renewing passwords for game accounts. Furthermore, this will allow us to display all possible statistics—ongoing standings in arenas, leagues, and more. The wiki will also be migrated to the MediaWiki system, which will allow, among other things, better image addition and is ready for mobile display. Also, the new website will have better support for displaying screenshots, news, game changes, etc., all of which will serve the promotion and visibility of the server.

Many people ask if we plan any events. The answer is that we are actively planning events. There are two types of events, automated events, and GM events. One of our main goals is to create a whole range of automated events, including world events, dedo_rudo is working on that. There are really many ideas. One of the upcoming novelties is an automated Battle Royal arena, which is now in the finalization phase. We are also preparing world events such as World Bosses, tower and fortress siege, and more. More information will be provided once these ideas are in the implementation phase. Furthermore, our GM team plans to organize GM events such as Knight duels, escort events, and others. You can look forward to the first ones in January.

Additionally, although it is not directly an event, I can now also confirm that we plan and will soon start working on Town Wars for small settlements, which will be exclusively for the veteran category of the league (up to level 24 inclusive). And we must not forget the dungeon speedrun event, where we will soon launch the 1st season. Currently, about 6-7 guilds are actively playing on Endor, doing high-end dungeons. We have not had such a large and strong base of top players here before. One of the problems that relatively often occurs is that a group goes through a dungeon and does not have treasures at the end, which practically did not happen in the times when guild 1 or 2 played, and it is very demotivating and ruins the enjoyment of the game for that group. Therefore, in the near future, we will adjust the treasure timers so that at least some of the treasures spawn with a faster timer. If you are unlucky and go to the dungeon the next day after some other guild, you will not have all the treasures, but you will now have at least 1-2 out of 4 finals. On the other hand, we are preparing a mechanism where things in treasures will accumulate. So if a dungeon is not popular, and treasures are not often collected in it, it is possible that a little extra will wait for the group that goes there for their effort.

A significant topic is that of classes, balancing, and quality of life changes. One of the classes that has been publicly resonating is the Abhorsen. I admit that it takes a bit for this character to find its identity, but I believe we are gradually getting there. Regarding PvM, there will be several changes to the Astarael bell – bonus damage in PvM will be reduced from 200% to 150%, and additionally, Abhorsen will now deal full damage to himself (compared to 50% before). Also, the damage type has been changed from magic to psionic, which should further weaken the damage of this spell, as monsters generally have more psionic resistance. Specific adjustments will also be made on the monster side, with certain monsters and especially bosses receiving a boost in psionic resistance. In terms of PvP and PvM, there will be a change to the clayre rune, so that it will no longer provide bonus damage to spells (it will continue to ignore auras), reducing the burst potential of this character somewhat. We will continue to monitor the situation and further fine-tune the character.

However, Abhorsen is not the only class we are addressing. There will be a certain rework and strengthening of the IOS spell for the priest, adjustments to armedcast and damage with two-handed swords for the paladin, the addition of additional defensive and offensive abilities for the mercenary and berserker, as well as expanding the itemization options for the druid in morph form.

We are also preparing quality of life changes for crafting. One of the changes is the introduction of mines where there will be a high drop of certain ores. In exchange, no rare ores will drop there at all. So if players are lacking a lot of one ore, they can seek out a specific mine and try to mine the ore they need more urgently instead of excavating tens of thousands of various ingots indiscriminately. We have also reworked and will soon implement the drop of various types of hides from various monsters, including a significant increase in the drop of gray hides. Somewhere in the back of our minds, we hold improvements to housing functionality, and you can also expect that something will happen with this system in the future.

Furthermore, we have our sights set on improving the reactivity of AI pets, summons, and golems, reworking ship mechanics and introducing naval battles, and last but not least, introducing new classes, one of which is the previously discussed monk. Hopefully, we’ll get to all of this soon. I want to reiterate that all these amazing things are possible only thanks to the hard work of our entire team, which fortunately grows every day, so thanks to all! For those interested in helping Endor move even further, the doors are always open.

I wish everyone a happy new year, and I hope we will meet plentifully on Endor in the coming year!!!