top view of medieval city

Forgotten Realms

Solo players will love this! Forgotten Realms are specifically designed to meet the needs of current solo players, allowing them to engage in relatively safe PvM.

Why relatively safe?

Why relatively safe? Because you can still die in Forgotten Realms, just like anywhere else. However, you won’t encounter any PvP since you are in an instanced dungeon. On the other side, you won’t receive any help from others if you die. It’s entirely up to you how you handle this kind of challenge.

The Forgotten Book

This is a newbie book which will be sold by Scribe merchant. A player doesn’t really need this book to run a forgotten realm, but it’s good to have it in backpack as Your stories of Forgotten Realms are automatically written in this book. It can also be used to brag with Your Forgotten Realms accomplishments.

The Forgotten Scroll

This scroll is dropped by NPCs around the world. It’s used as access point to Forgotten Realms. Scroll is consumed at use.

Meteors Event

New kind of event targeting PvP scene. A new meteor is dropped periodically. All of the players will get a map opened where this meteor dropped and a message above head. This of course can be easily turned off in game settings.

A new item gump

The previous gump which We are all used to, is old and obsolete. We came up with new and much better looking item gump which is much closer to today gaming standards. Updated item gump will display sockets, runes and more information than before. Miraculous items will now also display their stats as before they haven’t.

Guilds overhaul

Guilds are a community base of every online game. We as a team feel they need more love, therefore they got some love. This is a first step in much greater scale. As a first minimum viable product, players will be able to level guild up to level 3. In future, We will increase this to level 10 with new perks.

Guild Overview

This is a part which is visible to every player which visits Your guildstone. Anyone is able to see the guild size and visit guild website. Guildmaster and Vice are able to set guild website and link guild house in this part of UI. Standard member of guild can set himself to give part of his XP to guild.

Guild Bank

A completely new part of guild. Players will be able to donate gold into guild. This gold is part of the guild forever. As a first MVP, this gold can be used to buy guild perks and guild levels. In future, it will also be used to pay for guildhouse.

Perks and leveling

Upgrades for Your guild members! Work together to complete leveling requirements and unlock guild perks. Guild perks are great improvements for Your PvM capabilities. Unlock perks like increased damage to monster type, decreased PvM loss and more.

New Resource shelves

We hear You. You don’t want to use Your houses as warehouse, You want them to be nice and decorated according to You. Resource shelfs are an answer. They can hold a very large amount of resources… and they also look amazing.

House Decorator

A great quality of life improvement. A new item sold by merchants around the world of Endor. Use it to improve the look of Your house!

Big runebook

Another outstanding quality of life improvement. We will have a new type of runebook. Much more expensive, but much more usable. Vendors will sell a new Big Runebook. This special runebook will have just one page with 20 runes, 100 charges and all of the necessary buttons like ‘set default’, ‘recall’ and ‘gate’ directly accessible from the main page. The old runebook will be still sold by merchants as We feel that some players might still prefer those.

Cleave rework

Cleave is a newly introduced special stat that was initially meant mainly as a way of better aggro management for tanking classes. However, because of the inherent unreliability (unless the player actually managed to get very high chance to trigger it) it was seldom favoured when compared to other new special stats, such as critical strike and arpen. Cleave now triggers every time player hits an enemy, but its actual power is determined by its height. This still leaves it as an aggro management tool, but if the player wishes so and prefers to engage larger groups of monsters, it can also be used as a dps upgrade if the value acquired is high enough. We may adjust the numbers based on its performance in the future. Cleave can now be turned off completely through .gamesettings command as well.

Treasure maps

Treasure maps require a character with mining skill to dig the treasure out, character(s) capable of killing the guardians and a character to open the treasure. Historically, you had to bring all these to the same spot in the wild, which motivated players to use dual clients and swap between game windows. We aim to minimize this practice – you can now use mining skill on a treasure map, to [unveil] (up to level 4), and lockpicking skill to [unseal] (up to level 3) in the comforts of your home. That way the map will no longer require a mining check, and after defeating the guardians you can use the map to removetrap & unlock the treasure.

HS data

The biggest technology data update since the beginning of Endor. The number of available building blocks and decorations grows from 16 to 48 thousand. So gradually you will see in the game new house styles and lots of graphics you don’t know. In the data we now also have the big ships typical of the HS expansion, so over time you will be able to get them and use them for example in the new water map Archipelago.


A completely new unique map that will gradually become available as it is populated. The map will be used for upcoming naval mechanics (ship duels, etc). Initially, an island will be available for Patrons to auction and rent a plot of land for Shimmering coins and then build a house of their choice on it, or buy a finished one outright. For the record, this is probably the first UO map in the world that was generated entirely procedurally.


A grim copy of the main world, designed for PK and end-game players. However, it won’t be a standalone world, but a world linked to the current world. Initially, we will gradually link to the shadow land selected dungeons and move end-game drop, mining, etc. there. Possibly some game mechanics as well. Once the map is sufficiently populated, the PK will migrate to this world.


It is a game mechanic for dedicated adventurers, available from level 35 and above, who want to push their strength beyond the limit of an ordinary mortal. Rebirth allows the player to give up their experience and skills, in return receiving a permanent bonus to their stats of choice. More on the wiki.