top view of medieval city


  • Added timezone to login campaign times.
  • BR changes: Disabled craft class. Join through .brjoin. Fixed PvM loss from traps. Reward is obtained on leave through portal. Ghosts are auto teleported to exit room. Instead of gold, new currency is added “Valor Coins” (rewards coming later)
  • added “Allow only single bulk window.” .gamesettings option
  • battlecasting changes. Spellcast doesn’t interupt swing timer anymore (You can hit right after spell is finished)
  • changed Hierophant heal spell sanctify and holy lance. If Hierophant is blue (not CRIM), spells won’t target CRIMs in his party. If they are both CRIMs, than it will target CRIMs in party as well. After directly targeting with Holy Lance, Hierophant will become CRIM.
  • changes in Paladin auras: Checkes if aura is already running, if not than mana is reduced
  • all of the classes now have at least basic armslore skill. Classes which can cast with weapon in hands now has itemid to check the item state.
  • scaling in arenas is changed. Everyone are now scaled to level 30 skills.
  • fixed remedy potion
  • fixed emergency scroll

New mechanics

  • new item Orb of Scouring: Sold by Scribe for 50K. Removes enchants from items.
  • new item Orb of Chaos: Very rare drop from monsters. Widly changes attribute of rare item.